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Dear Visitor,
I can hear you already: "What on earth should we care about what you read? Should that make us more learned, by any chance? Whoever could be so impressed by such an inane show off of your miserable education?" I thank you for such a demonstration of your good will, which I certainly do not deserve, but it is not my intention to show off (I do not have any wish to transcribe all the hundreds of titles that have marked my life! :-) nor to increase the already considerable amount of noise that troubles the Net with rather useless information. On the contrary, I simply want to do justice to those authors who have contributed to my (personal and writing) growth, trusting that, out of this small collection of books, you too might discover some long-lost treasures. Reading my explanatory notes you will see that not all of these books have encountered my total favor; nevertheless, they too have had their share in my training. So, my advice to you is that you approach this list as a sort of "reasoned bibliography", to be taken with a tiny grain of salt. For any further information, comments, suggestions and/or complaints, please do not hesitate to write to me .

Be warned that links to Amazon UK are present both in the titles (not all) of the works cited and in the covers presented on the right-hand columns of these pages. By clicking through them you are brought directly to the individual item.

This site is under constant revision; so, you are kindly invited to return often!

One small note: Most books present in this Collection are available, even in the original text, at However, several of them, marked with this tiny star, can be freely downloaded from the following online libraries:

Liber Liber
The Italian version of Project Gutenberg

Association Lyonnaise
Cultural association with a very pleasant site, including a few good texts.

Bibliothéque universelle
The French version of the same

Athena - Authors & Texts
Elenco pressocché definitivo di tutti i testi francesi online

Encyclopaedia of the Self - Authors' Directory
A great deal of texts that are no longer copyright protected; mostly in English, but not exclusively

Project Gutenberg
You know what I mean...

UVA Electronic Text Center
Some sections (esp. Old and Middle English) are not accessible to non-UVA users. Yet the choice remains quite wide.

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
A few good books...

Litérature Française (Appalachian State University) A pageful of literary resources

For a wider view of online libraries, not entirely aloof from polemical considerations on Bill Gates, from the University of Geneve site:

For a complete list of online libraries:
Directory of Electronic Etext Centers :

Littera Scripta
a good point to start searching for books and links...

All funds derived by sales at through the links in these pages are used to cover the costs that are necessary to support maintenance of this site. Hence, should you find any enjoyment and/or usefulness in the contents of this site, you are highly encouraged to purchase books at this online store. Thank you.

Marina Pianu (a.k.a. Madsilk)


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