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New [ 10/08/05 ] Ok, folks, I've been enormously lazy and haven't updated this damn thing in ever sooo looong. So please excuuuse me! :))

There aren't too many things new about the site, at least not for the English side (I've been writing mostly in Italian), save for the fact that I have created a photo archive. Even if you don't know any Italian, the wordage is quite minimal so you should be able to get around it: pictures of Genoa (I've recently moved in the neighborhood), of my past life in Bologna, as well as some pics of Rome and Ferrara.

As for the rest, having devoted myself mostly to fairy/folktales, more material will be available soon. I shall keep you posted! (and if you can read Italian, there's always my blog)

New [ 16/03/03 ] There are lots of peace activist sites: unitedforpeace.org is just one of them, but from here you can land in many, many other places, be it to learn what's going on near you or how you can organize action in your area and gather useful material (downloadable graphics, distribution material, contacts, etc.). Otherwise, there are also many other sites, like the carnegie endowment for international peace, where you can find plenty of background information and analysis concerning not only Iraq, but also other hot areas around the world. Not satisfied? search google.com for more stuff (warning: 1,5M hits!!!).

New [ 12/06/01 ] webrings. Waking up from isolation I have decided to join some web communities of sites that share with mine either purposes or goals. I am sure you will find your time was not wasted!

New [ 11/07/01 ] Latest addition: cat'log, sort of blog with occasional interventions by Clyto, whenever she feels like pawing in some thoughts.

[ sept. 11, 2001 ] New [ 10/30/01 ] Belated, as usual. This ribbon connects to the safe.millennium.berkeley.edu page, from where you can reach different sites, according to your needs/interests (survivors, red cross, stop hate, etc.). Terrorism, hate, war, religion, political instability in hot areas of the globe, these are all issues so tightly interconnected as to make it so very difficult for anyone to unravel them into something rational (or quasi), let alone for those who are or have been more narrowly involved. To all these people (of whatever nationality) goes my solidarity and feeling.

For your convenience, I have listed here below all texts contained in this site that are available also to anglophones (no, not those spungy things you plug into your ears... :-P)

Of course, you can always browse the Italian links' page, where you will recognize some of the best sites in English. At any rate, I hope you will have a good time with these pages, and if you do, please don't leave without letting me know what you think of my writing (no insults, thanks :-).

Hugs and kisses,
Bologna, March 16, 2003

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