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"the chocoholic's guide to pleasure" home site [ sketch ]

the chocoholic's guide to pleasure - matching sheer lust with a craving desire to implement my newly discovered design tools, back in september 2000 i designed a site for chocolate lovers. a simple search through google revealed a wide variety of sites on the subject, from the most amateurish to the most professional, from the selling of chocolates online to homey exchanges of recipes and kids fun. what i had in mind was a more comprehensive project, including "chocolature" (chocolate in literature), "funcolate" (games), "facts and figures" (just that), "cocoa in time" (history of cocoa), "happenings" (events in the real world), besides, of course, forum ("chowtalk"), links ("chocoweb"), and recipes.

Chocoholic's home page

structure - use of frames was here justified mainly by two things: one, the inexperience of the author; two, emulation of chocolate sites. the unfinished status of site betrays initial difficulty in managing a complex structure, involving several sections, each dealing with complex different subjects (history, literature, forum, etc.).

graphics - adapted to the feel and look of chocolate, following the style of many chocolate sites, author has tried to differentiate with use of unusual elements: gibson girl theme and art-deco font style.

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