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"finardi fan club" home site

idea — finardi fans are not a huge crowd, but they are sustained by unconditional love for "eugenio", as he is familiarly known among them. for the time being his official web site being still under construction, there was a felt need for a virtual place that would host all relevant material regarding his production and life. the idea behind this project was that this place should be a comfortable room where all of them could contribute with material they have gathered or with accounts of his concerts, comments on his latest music, and whatever else they might like to share.

look of the fan club home page

structure — following the example of other fan sites, the "finardi fan club" is composed of a few basic sections: texts, articles, photos, reviews, tour dates, blog (used mainly as a bulletin board of news regarding the site and eugenio), a faq page, and an "about us" page. (for the time being, the only section close to completion is the lyrics one.) there is even a "search" function in the expected top right corner.

particular attention has been paid to navigability and usability: thanks to the "breadcrumb trail" the visitor always knows where he is and how to return to the desired page without ever using the browser buttons; the vertical navigation bar is ever present without resorting to either frames (not a desirable solution) or server-side includes (desirable, but creating one further element of possible connection breakdowns).

simple graphics and layout designed to let contents speak for themselves!

graphics — in terms of personal evolution, this is the best i've come up with: entirely tableless, simplicity brought to its highest achievement, without sacrificing aesthetic achievement, in the belief that layout solutions are best when least visible. the choice of colors has been dictated by the recurrence of the water element in eugenio's music (made more explicit in his "accadueo" album) and the balance between text and link colors has been designed to be harmless to the eye, considering that most of the material is meant to be read online.

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