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bridge assist — this site evolved from a translation project commissioned by mr. napoletano who aspired to publish his articles in english. the purpose, therefore, of the site is to promote his ideas and broaden his readership, and to this purpose, a mirror site in italian has been realized. unfortunately, due to a variety of personal reasons, communication with client has been gradually degrading determining the unfinished character of the site.

Bridge Assist

structure — simple and straightforward, focussed primarily on the body of articles and examples. according to the original plan, site should have been supplemented with interactive devices such as mailing list, guestbook, and, in a second phase, other features intended to increase traffic. furthermore, in spite of a temporary communication breakdown with the client, a bibliography and a webliography related to bridge will be inserted in the near future.

use of frames (not advisable today) was mainly suggested by the nature of site content (articles). today the author would prefer to adopt a navigational bar set at the bottom of each page, without use of frames.

graphics — based upon bridge web tradition, the graphics layout should be simple and clean, aiming at focussing the attention of the visitor strictly on the content (articles, examples), yet maintaining a certain sober, albeit pleasant look. therefore, the traditionally dominant green has been substituted with a more down-to-earth sienna.

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