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version 1.0 — first hand at site building and design. the main purpose of this site was to collect much of my writing and structure it into an organic whole. i closely studied similar sites to get inspiration and to learn the basics of design; then by emulation i started working out my own structure, defining content to suit some coherent plan. more specifically, i chose to select what i deemed most telling of my style and what may give my visitor an overall idea of what i am and what i do. technological limitations restricted my creativity.

Narrative 1.0

as this picture shows, my first idea of a homepage was simple, fairly pleasing, but limited in graphical appeal and organizationally chaotic to the passing, unmotivated visitor for it was not clear why the material that was offered on the homepage was absent from any section of the site. this critical aspect has only been partially remedied in the second version of the site.

the major discriminating factor in choosing what should go in the homepage was a selection of longer stories plus my personal stuff. the navigation frame on the left collected shorter, anodine pieces: short stories, diary, articles both online and offline, links, guestbook, and some drawings.

the green arrows show some technical problems related to inefficient coding (excessive use of tables) and sloppy testing with browsers. furthermore, the font used for links is not compatible with all browsers and o.s. and its size is too small. finally, inefficient use of "screen real estate" causes scrollbar to exist. this shall be taken care of in version 2.0.

graphics — the initial intention was to tailor graphic layout and imagery to the different needs of each section. this allowed for broader experimentation with colors and design, as well as proving a continuing lab for learning. one of the sections i personally relish is sour g-rapes, a long story written in english and set in paris; by use of the <iframe> tag i was able to make the reading more fluid and interactive while, at the same time, maintaining the environment i wanted without any further waste of download time. however, i fully realize that iframes are not universally compatible...

S-Grapes Table of Contents
S-Grapes Main Page

version 2.0 — by a more extensive use of css2, the site's appearance and usability has improved a hundred percent. furthermore, better mastering of code has afforded deeper control of layout and appearance. next, i have worked to improve the site's structural deficiencies by separating the english language material into a site of its own (see english site map). this neat separation allowed me to severely reduce material in the homepage, thus eliminating the scrollbar, and to exempt english visitors from the frame pest (eventually that will take place for the italian site as well). as for the navigation bar on the left, i have addressed the link issue by use of an image map designed entirely from scratch. the use of more vivid and harmonic colors has conferred to the homepage a more consistent look smoothing out the separating line between frames.

Narrative 2.0 !
Narrative 3.0 !!
version 3.0 — they say that necessity sharpens a man's wits and this is certainly the case for it was by sheer necessity that, in order to remove some pages from my site, i decided to totally re-design it with a new stylistic approach. at long last i could do away with the cumbersome and deprecated frames. as a reasult, the new "narrative site" is now entirely frameless and tableless thanks to a more extensive use of css. the only problem is that internet explorer does not represent the navigational fake frame on the right as a fixed one (as i would wish), but... one step at a time! [besides, firefox, which is more compliant with standards, is getting more widespread as we speak! :)]
Narrative 3.0 !!
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