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ovocity (almost a faq)  — once upon a time there was an almost literary review...

initially conceived as a literary project on web, with its own periodical review, "ovocity" became the name for the mailing list that was created in order to train and recruit reviewers. these pages were built to provide prospective new members useful information, the list "manifesto", as well as all the archives of "raccolta differenziata" (differentiated garbage, ndt), the weekly newsletter born out of the italian newsgroup it.sesso.racconti (sex short stories, ndt).

 Ovocity ML main page

critical aspects:

caviale would have been the official review site within "ovocity". far from being a finished product, it still stands there as a prototype, unfortunately filled with broken links. but single parts can show what it could have been: multiple choice quiz, exercises, guess the incipit, guess the city, etc. caviale was to be the e-zine expressing the aesthetic orientation of the group, hosting a variety of writing productions.

structure  — drawing away from frames, this site premiers (within the experience of the author) the use of inline frames, which, although not universally supported by browsers, offers a much more creative and clean navigation through contents, reducing download time. on the left side of the screen, a drop-down menu shown by clicking on the "whining baby" image offers readers a gastronomic type menu of plates: stories, articles, quizzes, quotations, etc. on the right side, right under the issue image (again, gibson girl showing up her pretty face) a list of links to ad hoc features: interviews, special editorials, and the like. each link, by use of dhtml, displays a few words of introduction in the central iframe.

graphics - in keeping with the sophisticated image that "caviale" (caviar, that is) means to connote, preference has been given to dark, chocolaty, luscious feel and look in the choice of graphical elements, i.e., background, decoration, colors, in sharp contrast with the recurring font imitating old-style typewriters.

 Caviale - Lit-Mag

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