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The End will be the Beginning

I have arrived at after a long journey through a series of sites built for both personal and professional purposes. As the umbrella site for all my projects, will be the running thread for all future design: efficient communication through aesthetic simplicity.

The Finardi Fan Club is one of my latest creations, born out of the necessity to broaden recognition for this incredible musician, as well as creating a virtual gathering place for all his fans.

finardi fan club

Narrative is the first site I've built; being still new to html authoring at that time, I have used FrontPage as a quick means to get my stuff (mostly writing) online.
Then came Arachnophilia.

Narrative [ personal site ]
In Search of Lost Books

In Search of Lost Books is substantially a bookstore, with the double goal: to share my views on literature with other readers and to put into practice marketing know-how. In progress.

Bridge Assist has been my first professional site, designed to organize and promote Mr. Napoletano's system through his articles and examples.

Bridge Assist by Romolo Napoletano
Ulivo Bologna - 2001 Elections

The official Comitato Rutelli di Bologna web site, designed and built for the "Ulivo" 2001 electoral campaign, turned out to be a great challenge against time and material limitations.

The Chocoholic's Guide to Pleasure is an unfinished experiment born out of love for the dark brown substance. Given the wide range of possibilities that chocolate affords, this project ambitiously aimed at collecting a choice selection of literary, scientific and historical material.

The Chocoholic's Guide to Pleasure
 Ovocity - The mailing list

 Caviale - Lit-Mag

Ovocity is a mailing list, primarily, focussed on literary criticism and text analysis. This set of pages was created to provide information to the potential new member and explain where the community wants to go from there...


§ Momma don't teach

As a child of the arts (soon my mother's artwork online!), I was bred into aesthetic judgment, coadiuvated by frequent visits to art galleries, analysis of mistakes from students' products, and cultivation of aesthetic values through the study of art history. In this apprenticeship, technique has always played a crucial role: the artistic craft has to compromise its irrational and chaotic impulses with the inherent needs of material expression: watercolor, for example, demands quick execution, which entails advance planning, whereas oil painting can afford slower, but more accurate results. Furthermore, watercolor will produce "watered down" effects, more apt for languid landscapes, but otherwise unsuitable for the in-depth accuracy of a portrait. This leads to the apparently banal saying that

§ The Tool is the Message

Having defined who are the people we mean to reach and what is the semantic content we want to convey, we proceed to chose the technique which best suits our purposes. In certain respects, the internet medium is a compendium of visual and textual techniques, meaning by that that our viewer will be either interested in reading and/or gazing at our product, which could be any of the following: animation, textual, graphic, sound, and all of it more or less interactive.

§ If Toulouse-Latech had known the Web

During these past few years I have concentrated mostly on translating, writing, developing new areas of competence as well as refining my graphic skills. More specifically, I have attended courses on marketing and business management with the aim of creating a new literary review online (business plan available upon request).

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