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"Comitato Rutelli di Bologna" home site

spring 2001 - political tension rises, elections near, coalitions tighten their belts. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. so, with a strong sense of emergency, i volunteered to built the web site for the local "comitato rutelli" (local branch for the national "ulivo" campaign organization).

the purpose of the project would be to release information, gather contributions, collect ideas, coordinate actions. however, as the campaign organization slacked, most people deserted meetings and contributions were left to few, uncoordinated souls. hence, i found myself having to rush out the site at the speed of light with no help whatsoever in retrieving material. i managed with what i could find online from brother electoral sites and a tad of creative thought. the result is far from perfect, with recycled material and improvised structure, but at least it guaranteed some web presence.


structure - homepage introduces news briefs, external links to informational sites, besides links to the different parts of the site. through the left side navigation column the visitor can access the different areas:
1) francesco rutelli, candidate to the premiership;
2) "comitati," both regional and the national one;
3) local candidates and how to reach them;
4) interactive area (missing save for the survey-game "what should we do with berlusconi's biography?", which was sent to all households a month before elections).
the first two areas were basically lifted from the national site, whereas the other two were created ad hoc for this comitato.

marketing - given the scarsity of time, not much thought was given to marketing, relying mostly on membership to the "rutelli webring", which however did not bring much traffic to the site.

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